The world’s largest smart home security service with over 7.6 million active users and 10,000 authorized service providers with services in over 40 countries. Provides security sensors, AI video monitoring, watchful waiting and home automation. Can be used for home automation in residences or as security in business facilities. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration or presentation, or if your company is interested in signing up as an authorized service provider.

Sitasys is a company that offers Evalink, an RPA cloud platform for surveillance centers operating mainly in Europe. The company was established as Sitasys by the public safety division of Ascom, a leading ICT company with over 150 years of history in Switzerland. The monitoring solution can be integrated with security platforms such as ALARM.COM. By making the operation workflow, we have realized a monitoring system that can be automated and labor-saving. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration or presentation, or if you are interested in adopting this system.

Heights Telecom is the first company in the world to develop a gateway utilizing Broadcom’s containers. By implementing various applications in containers, it contribute to service providers’ ARPU improvement measures. They can also provide customized gateways to meet the requirements of service providers. Our gateways have been adopted by major telecommunication carriers in Israel and other countries, and are compatible with WiFi 6/MESH WiFi compliant with the Easy MESH industry standard.

Lifesmart is a smart home manufacturer that has been sold and adopted in over 40 countries worldwide. It has over 1 million active users worldwide and has been adopted by several Japanese companies. The company’s rich lineup of devices and sophisticated product design are its distinguishing features, and since it can provide APIs and SDKs, it can also be used by businesses that wish to add their own originality to their products. The system can be used not only in residences, but also in offices and other commercial spaces.

Yonomi is a platform service that integrates IoT cloud computings, founded in Austin, Texas, USA. In January 2021, it merged with Allegion, a global company that provides security equipment for B2B/B2C. In Japan, major real estate companies have also adopted the system.