We are looking for colleagues to grow the company with us.

We, X-HEMISTRY (Chemistry), are a company that supports companies that aim to launch new businesses by utilizing new technologies such as IoT and AI, and companies that want to collaborate with overseas technologies. We also support Japan entry for overseas companies. The problems our clients face vary greatly. We provide precise support for our clients’ issues, such as not being able to determine the direction to take, not knowing how to proceed from the implementation phase, and being unable to find a solution to problems they are facing. Because we have launched numerous businesses in the past, we are different from consultants who are good only at drawing pretty pictures, and we can work closely with our clients to create business ideas and launch the business itself.

Open Positions
IoT Solution Engineer

Depending on your aptitude and desires, you may be asked to participate in one of several projects currently underway that match your needs.

If you have no experience, you will start with simple tasks such as testing IoT devices and creating procedure manuals, but you will be involved in ongoing projects as a project member with the support of senior staff. If you have experience in project management, programming, or system proposals, you will be able to play a more active role.

Since we are still a start-up, we have a lot of room to actively acquire various jobs and propose ways of working. We are looking forward to your joining us as we grow the company together and take charge of the company in the future.

The kind of person we are looking for

・Interested in new things or want to take on new challenges.
・Interest in the IoT
・Self-motivated and willing to learn and grow on their own

Preferred Skills and Experience

・Working experience as an engineer
・Working experience in customer-focused support services
・Basic English skills (those who want to use English in business are also welcome)

For more information, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.